Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

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''Why should I have my cavity wall insulation removed?''

Improved Health

Headaches, congestion, chest infections... does this sound familiar to you? Your failing cavity wall insulation could be causing damp and mould in your home... making you unwell.

Avoid Expensive Damage

Failing cavity wall insulation wont just affect your health, it will affect your pockets too! If you want to avoid unnecessary damage costs, it's always best to check if you need extraction.

Maintain Property Value

Are you house proud? Failing cavity wall insulation and the damage it causes can drastically disturb the value of your home.

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What is cavity wall insulation & why has mine failed?

A cavity wall consists of an outer and inner skin of bricks, the space between them allows ventilation. Insulating this space can cause water ingress which will eventually develop into damp and mold.

How is my failed cavity wall insulation removed?

Using an industrial vacuum and a compressor, wet cavity wall insulation is blown and extracted from your cavity walls. Aibricks are then installed to dry out internal walls.

Cavity wall insulation removal cost

Expect to pay £15 – £22 per square meter for cavity wall insulation extraction. However, Polyurethane foam removal typically costs more than mineral wool to extract.

Cavity wall insulation extraction - What it looks like

Your cavity wall insulation would be removed as neatly and as efficiently as possible by our experts! They will remove brick from the bottom of your external wall discreetly and then proceed to blow compressed air into the cavity, causing the damaged insulation to fall to the bottom of your cavity wall. It will then get removed, using an industrial hoover by our team!

Articles our customers find helpful...

Health effects of defective cavity wall insulation

When cavity wall insulation becomes wet, your home will become damp, and mould will grow. This can effects your well being, symptoms include conjestion and headaches. At this point, cavity wall extraction is essential.

Cavity wall insulation removal claim

Is is possible to get your cavity wall insulation removed for free – CIGA claims prodecure, ECO grant, home insuarance explained.

The cost of damge caused by wet cavity wall insulation

Blown plaster, cracks in render/brickwork, wall tie replacement all come at a cost. But first, you should remove your cavity wall insulation.

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Is my home suitable for cavity wall insulation?

Certain properties should not have cavity wall insulation installed. Location, cavity condition, structrual materials, detachment and brick pointing can have an adverse affect on your insulation.

Is your home showing symptoms of failed cavity wall insulation?

The symptons displayed by failed cavity wall insulation can be endless. Blown plaster, damp walls and cracks in render tend to be the most common. If you’re notcing these symptoms then you should consider cavity insulation extraction.

What causes damp and mould | Signs of damp and mould in your home

Damp and mould is no joke. It can damge your property, affect your health and can be costly to repair. Identifying the signs be

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