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The Cost Of Cavity Wall Insulation Removal (2022)

Cavity wall insulation removal cost

You’ll find yourself enlightened with all things regarding the cost of cavity wall insulation removal after reading our article. If you want to know the reasons behind having your cavity wall insulation removed, look no further, we’ve got you covered! Not sure if having your cavity wall insulation removed is actually worth it? No rock shall go unturned in this article as you’ll learn the approximate prices for small, medium, and large cavity wall insulation removal services we offer here at First Choice Energy, and you can also compare the prices with the potential damage costs to your home caused by the failing cavity wall insulation.

"How much will my house cost?"

The cost of cavity insulation extraction differs from home to home, and although a square meterage rate is a good estimate this also varies. To make thing a little easier, we’re going to summaries the cost on a small, medium and large sized house. (We will get to square meterage a little later on) 

Small property

The smallest cavity wall extraction job (and all sizes are welcome!) our company could expect is perhaps one face of a 2-bedroom end of terrace house. This could easily be a two-person job, providing of course, the insulation isn’t too clumped around your brick ties. If all goes well (and it normally does here at First Choice Energy Ltd!) you’ll have an insulation-free wall within a maximum of five hours, this will then cost you around £1,500.

Medium property

Medium sized semi detached property

An example of a medium sized cavity wall extraction job for you would perhaps be a semi-detached, 4-bedroom house or a detached, 3-bedroom bungalow, with all available faces needing cavity wall insulation removal. Two of our team could do this, but to provide the most efficient, top-quality service for you, three members of our team would be deployed. As a company we understand how important it is for you to have the job done as soon as possible and as neatly as possible, so our passion for providing the best service will be worthwhile and will put you at complete ease as our customer! A job like this with three members of our team would take only one day, but with only two members of our team would take around a day and a half or two working days, this would cost you between £2,500 and £3,000.

Large property

So, you’ve got a big detached 5-bedroom home? That is a pretty big job we must say! Not  to worry, our experts here at First Choice Energy would have absolutely no problem in providing you with a fantastic standard of work! In order to give you the top-quality work you deserve, a minimum of three members of our team would take this on and would take about a day and a half to 2 working days for full completion for such a big (but worth it!) job. This would then cost you about £5,000.

Cavity wall insulation removal cost by square meterage

Typically you would expect to pay anything in the range of £20 – £23 per square meter for cavity wall insulation removal. However this figure may vary based on where you live in the UK. For example, the rate in London would be much greater that the rate in South Wales. 

Scaffolding will increase the cost

Scafholding to extract cavity wall insulation

This one almost goes with out saying, if scaffolding is required the cost will be passed onto the customer. The good news here, is that most properties will not require scaffolding and ladders are more than sufficient to carry out a cavity insulation removal job.

When is scaffolding required? If we cant access a section of the wall using a ladder then scaffolding will be required. Typically this is properties that live on a slope or have a conservatory. 

If scaffolding is required, in 90% on the cases it only has to be erected on one elevation of the property. This will cost you something in the region of £300-£600. 

What about the cost of damage?

Now, you may think such a chunky payment ‘just isn’t worth it’, but let us tell you, it definitely is! Here is a little run-down of what your failing cavity wall insulation can cost you.

Your failing cavity wall insulation will inevitably become a breeding ground for damp and mould. This could lead to damages to the internal structures of your home. You could be facing £500-600 pay-out re-decorating your living room due to blown plaster caused by this damp and mould, and it could become a regular occurrence if the failing cavity wall insulation is not removed! Another unnecessary pay-out your failing cavity wall insulation could be causing you is a bit more subtle you may not even notice it’s happening until it’s too late! You guessed it, your increasing heating bills. You may not notice it at first but 4 months down the line and you’ve paid an extra £200 on your heating bill? That’s not ideal is it? There are many other possible costly damages facing you and your home if you keep ignoring your failing cavity wall insulation, far worse than any rising energy bill! For example, a cracked render could be costing you up to £7000 to repair!

Not only that, there are so many health risks, to you and your family, involved with allowing your failing cavity wall insulation fester inside your home… so, can you agree with us, having your cavity wall insulation removed might be worth looking into?

A quick recap...

Are you thinking of cavity wall insulation removal? Of course, it’s not cheap, and the prices you’ve just read about are only estimates. If you would like to know a bit more on pricing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! After completing our super easy survey, a member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours. A survey on your home can then be arranged at a time and date that’s most convenient for you!


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