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Boiler & Heating

In the heart of fuel poverty, this is the appliance you dread the most to turn on – your heating system. 

Your only option here is damage limitation. By this, we mean limit the amount spent to generate heat.

The bottom line is; you need an efficient heating system, and we can install them for free.

Internal Wall Insulation

It won’t surprise you that walls lose the most heat. 

What will surprise you is – over 90% of homes with solid walls have zero insulation.

Most chose to ignore their solid walls. The result? Massive amounts of heat loss due to external walls.

Join the energy savvy minority and get it for free.   

Cavity Wall Insulation

Did you know, a cavity wall, by nature, retains less heat than a solid wall. So, your empty cavity is literally throwing heat away.

The late 90s boom in cavity wall insulation for your homes absolutely had its priorities straight, just maybe with the wrong materials.

With this grant, we can insulate your empty cavity walls with the most, up-to-date materials on the market.

Different types of cavity wall insulation
Loft Insulation

Loft Insulation

Do you want a simple solution to the EXTORTIONATE 25% of all heat loss from your uninsulated loft?

100mm of loft insulation in-between the joists in your attic. Followed by a 200mm top up above the joists.

And there you have it! 

This is free too, just saying.

Under Floor Insulation

Q1: Have you got a suspended ground floor (or timber ground floor)?

A1: If your answer is ‘Yes’, this next question is just for you!

Q2: Has your suspended floor been insulated?

A2: Hmmm… Probably not?

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