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Cavity Wall Insulation Removal Claim

Now then, let’s get serious, cavity wall insulation removal can hurt your pockets. After all, it does require powerful machinery and skilled workers like our very own cavity wall insulation removal specialists here at First Choice Energy Ltd. Fear not, as luck could be on your side… the quickest guide to a cavity wall insulation removal claim.

Remember those people who provided you with the insulation guarantee? You can actually claim off them if the failure of your cavity wall insulation breaches the dates of the guarantee. The installer should have parted with a certificate containing the details of your provider, and from there you can begin to reclaim what’s rightfully yours.

ECO cavity insulation extraction repalcement grant

Using the energy company obligation (ECO) grant to extract the current insulation at your property comes with a caveat, you would have to refill the cavity wall space with new insulation. In addition to this you would have to qualify for the ECO scheme. For most reading this article, the idea of refilling your cavity walls after extracting the current insulation is not an option. Probably due to the problems you have incurred with your current cavity wall insulation. Nevertheless, I will explain this option for those who may be interested.

The first box that must be checked here is that the CIGA guarantee which is currently in place has expired or there is no CIGA guarantee in place. Both options can be verified by contacting CIGA directly.

The second box that must be checked is that the remedial work, I.e the extraction of the current insulation is not covered by any building/home insurance or any other means.

The third box that must be checked is that a recommendation must be granted by a competent person (Chartered Surveyor) to refill the cavity with new insulation after extracting the defective insulation. This step is in place to ensure that the interest of the customer is prioritized over the interest of the installer.

Finally, you have to meet the criteria set out by the ECO3 scheme. Providing all the above boxes have been ticked, you could successfully extract and refill your cavity wall insulation.

Can I claim off the Installer?

In theory, if your cavity wall insulation has failed you should be able to claim off the installer if they were to blame for the damage. At the time of install, you should have been left with handover documents. This includes details such as the material used, dates, company details and guarantee information. From here you can contact the installer and proceed with their claim process. 

No handover documents

Unfortunately, our company has discovered that many of you were not provided with this cavity wall insulation guarantee (shame on the provider!), when the install was completed. In which case you should proceed to contact CIGA directly.

Installer is no longer in buisness

Another common problem we have discovered over the years is that the company that installed your cavity wall insulation no longer exists. That’s right, they went bust.

Don’t you worry, all is not lost! Another option you have is to contact the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency, aka, CIGA. After a decision has been made, you could receive funding for your cavity wall insulation removal.

Procedure to claim off cavity insulation installer

If you’re noticing symptoms of failed cavity wall insulation a good starting point would be to identify the installer that installed the insulation. This information can be found on the guarantee which should have been issued at the time of install. On the guarantee it should state the installer’s name and contact details. You can then match the installers contact information with CIGA’s list of registered installers here. Proceed to contact the installer as soon as possible.

Providing the installer still exists, they should contact you within 24 hours to arrange a date in which they can investigate the source of the damage. Assuming the cavity wall insulation is to blame, the installer should promptly rectify any damage and extract the defective insulation.

In the meantime, you should notify CIGA. Stating that you have made contact with the installer, noting the date of contact and the installers contact details. This allows CIGA to notify the installer that a complaint has been made. CIGA will then make contact with you after 2 months to ensure that you have adequate response from the installer regarding your complaint.

It is likely that the installer may not be able to resolve the issues with your failing cavity wall insulation. In which case you should proceed to contact CIGA directly.

Do you want to make a claim for cavity wall insulation removal (CIGA)?

In the case where the installer is no longer in business, CIGA is responsible for dealing with your concern. They will be able to give you all the relevant information regarding the cavity wall insulation claim procedure.

It is important to note that CIGA guarantees are only valid from 25 years from the date of installation, so double check that your guarantee is in date. If your guarantee is out of date, then unfortunately CIGA will not be responsible for your claim.

Step 1 - Contact CIGA

The first step is to make contact with CIGA. This can be done through their online form which allows you to notify a concern direct to CIGA. This is standard procedure and the preferred method as stated on CIGA’s website.

Alternatively you can reach out to CIGA via email to notify your concerns with your cavity wall insulation.

Either way your concern will be acknowledged within 2 working days from the first point of contact with CIGA.

Step 2 - Arrange an inspection

Within 5 working days of contacting CIGA a ‘CIGA Complaint Inspection Report’ survey will be arranged at your property. This survey is free of charge.

The purpose of this survey is to determine the likely cause of your problems. The surveyor will most likely assess the following things:-

  • Condition of walls
  • Condition of insulation
  • Drilling pattern to system specification
  • Combustion, room and subfloor vents
  • Damp meter readings
  • Borescope inspection
  • Windows and door conditions
  • Property suitability for cavity wall insulation
  • Water vapor control – Mechanical extraction fans, Trickle ventilation, Door undercuts & positive input ventilation
  • Condition of each elevation on property
  • Roof condition
  • Guttering condition
  • Downpipe location and condition
  • Soil pipe location and condition

Step 3 - Outcome

Within 27 working days from the first point of contact with CIGA, a decision would have been made based on the finds from the inspection survey. You will receive a written report from CIGA which will conclude whether they’re responsible or not for any remedial works on your property, i.e extract the defective cavity wall insulation. It will also state recommended work which you should carry out on the property if necessary.

Step 4 - Remedial work and cavity insulation extraction

Assuming that CIGA conclude that the cavity wall insulation is defective, they will then conduct all the necessary remedial works such as cavity extraction. Depending on the situation, remedial works should not take longer than 90 working days.

How to dispute CIGA decision?

If you disagree with the findings and decisions made by CIGA you have every right to dispute they’re decision. In fact you have 12 month from the outcome date to refer the case to the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). This can be done by completing an application form, provided by CIGA and submitted to the CEDR. Unfortunately, this does come with a charge of £100 (plus vat). More information on this procedure can be found here.

Can I claim for cavity extraction via home insurace?

Finally it is possible to claim off your home insurance. You will first have to contact your home insurance broker, and discuss the terms and conditions of the contract and verify that this type of damage is covered. Being able to claim for cavity wall insulation removal purely depends on the current policy you have in place. Each broker has different policies so to get a definite answer to this question you will have to discuss this issue with your broker. If all other options have been exhausted (claiming off the installer, CIGA) then the cost to remove the failed cavity wall insulation and repair the damage to your home could be covered by your home insurance.

A quick recap...

There you have it! The two best possible ways for you to claim back your healthy home, right at the tip of your fingers. Here at First Choice Energy, we understand better than anyone that sometimes these claims can get a little messy, and that’s why our help is what you need! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any query, no matter how big, or small. If you fill in our quick and easy online survey, a member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours.

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