Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp affects millions of houses across the UK. Whether if your home is newly built or an old build, lateral damp doesn’t discriminate. If you have water ingress problems in your home, contact us for the UK’s leading damp proofing services.

How you will benefit from damp proofing your home...

Safer living environment for your family

Penetrating damp will compromise the structural safety of your home through dry and wet rot. This puts you and your family in an unsafe living environment. Damp proofing your home will put an end to this worry and risk.

No expensive damage costs

When your home suffers from penetrating damp, it will damage everything within its reach. This could range from blown plaster, to mouldy furniture, to a cracked render! Avoid these expensive damages with damp proofing!

Avoid compromised insurance policies

The damages caused by penetrating damp are not covered by most insurance policies! As it is considered a matter of proper maintenance on your behalf, it will not be covered. However, you won't have to worry about that if you invest in damp proofing.

Top 3 articles - Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

What causes penetrating damp?

A cavity wall consists of an outer and inner skin of bricks, the space between them allows ventilation. Insulating this space can cause water ingress which will eventually develop into damp and mold.

What are the symptoms of penetrating damp in your home?

Using an industrial vacuum and a compressor, wet cavity wall insulation is blown and extracted from your cavity walls. Aibricks are then installed to dry out internal walls.

Cavity wall insulation removal cost

Expect to pay £15 – £22 per square meter for cavity wall insulation extraction. However, Polyurethane foam removal typically costs more than mineral wool to extract.