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Installing Solar Panels across South Wales

Are you looking for solar panel installers near you? As one of the UK’s top energy companies, our aim is to help you start your journey towards a greener home, with lower energy bills, all of which at a competitive cost. When you invest in a solar pv installation, you can store the energy collected, and use it during the night time. This will cut your energy bills and even earn you some money back, as selling energy to the grid is an option too. All of this, of course, is right on your doorstep as First Choice Energy Ltd operates across the whole of South Wales.


Most frequent questions and answers

Solar panels work by knocking electrons out of the photons (light particles) emitted by the sun. The photovoltaic cells in simple terms, which make up the solar panels, convert all of this light energy by the sun, into electricity.

It completely depends on which solar panel system you have in mind! Obviously, a smaller system such as 4kW will definitely cost less than a bigger 8kW system, investing in solar panels can be pretty costly, but it’s very worth it.

That is entirely up to you, and the size of the area you’d like them to be installed. If you have a large surface area for your solar panels to be installed, you can have as many as you’d like installed. However, if, for example, you have a relatively small roof, a 4kW system might fit your home the best.