Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

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''Why should I have my cavity wall insulation removed?''

Well let us tell you why…

Improved Health

Headaches, congestion, chest infections... does this sound familiar to you? Your failing cavity wall insulation could be causing damp and mould in your home... making you unwell.

Avoid Expensive Damage

Failing cavity wall insulation wont just affect your health, it will affect your pockets too! If you want to avoid unnecessary damage costs, it's always best to check if you need extraction.

Maintain Property Value

Are you house proud? failing cavity wall insulation and the damage it causes can drastically disturb the value of your home.

How do we do it?

Your cavity wall insulation would be removed as neatly and as efficiently as possible by our experts! They will remove brick from the bottom of your external wall discreetly and then proceed to blow compressed air into the cavity, causing the damaged insulation to fall to the bottom of your cavity wall. It will then get removed, using an industrial hoover by our team!

What our customers think of us...

Really good job done by the boys removing old cavity wall insulation from my one of my properties. Quick to response when I reached out to them and Steve surveyed the property the same day...
Kyran John
Professional and amazing customer service. A friend referred me to first choice, they qualified us for a boiler grant and fitted a new boiler within a week. Very easy to contact and the engineer did a cracking job.
Karen Borgehsi
Easy to contact them and they were always on time and the quality of work was great. Highly recommend!
Yousif Suliam

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